Libya: who are our new allies in reality?



In a book to be published this week, [1] our friend and colleague Laszlo Liszkaï disclosed interesting facts on the new “friends” of the free world who created the National Transitional Council of Benghazi.

Democrats who would like to enlighten Libya? One can have some doubts. We will judge for ourselves.

“...In Benghazi, former dignitaries and accomplices of the Guide have taken over the leadership of the resistance.  The new leader of the rebels and current President of the National Transitional Council (NTC) is Moustapha Abdeljalil. Only recently has he resigned from his position of Justice Minister. To recall, as former president of the court of appeal of Tripoli, he confirmed twice the death penalty sentences for the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor, first in 2005, and then after an appeal in 2006, by sweeping away the scientific arguments of the Defence. He was rewarded by the Guide for his intransigence and appointed Minister in 2007. At this time, the mastermind of these fake trials was Idris Lega. He was the president of the Association of parents of the infected children. Today, he is the military coordinator of the NTC.

Meanwhile, the deserter General Abdel Fattah Younis has become the favourite of the Westerners in spite of the fact that he was until the beginning of March Gaddafi’s Interior Minister. As reported by the Bulgarian press, he was supervising the hearings of the Bulgarian nurses making use of torture, rape and dogbites to get false confessions. Of course, he does not remember. Idem for President Sarkozy who at this time moved heaven and earth to have the nurses freed. Things change over time. At this time his personal political interest was at stake, today it is the raison d’Etat which clears the former torturers…”


These two short extracts must have convinced the Western and Arab decision-makers that without a doubt Gaddafi must be “kicked out”. However, there are no reasons to trust those who have been for a while his accomplices chosen to do his dirty work.


[1] Kadhafi, du réel au surréalisme, Edition Encre d’Orient, Paris, 2011.

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