On a "scandal" which is not one



Social networks have made a "buzz", the media feasted and the usual pacifist who would like one to face absolute evil with armfuls of flowers (or, better yet, not confront them at all, in the great tradition of Munich ...) are moved to. The war in Mali has produced its first "scandal": a legionnaire of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2nd REP) was photographed a few days ago, sporting a skull scarf, inspired by the game "Call of Duty" (which everyone can get on Amazon for 9.90 Euros). "Chilling," "outrageous," "unacceptable" were the adjectives used by the more moderate commentators.


That they sit comfortably in their chairs in Paris or in their cosy staff offices is undoubtedly only one detail, but one we will emphasize: it is easier to judge the "politically correct" in the quiet of ones office, a coffee (or a double whiskey dry) in hand than on the ground, thousands of miles away, exposed to bullets and ambushes.


Is this picture obscene and intolerable? I do not think so.


I believe that what is obscene and intolerable is the images of hostages paraded like animals to the slaughter that are used for years to bend the will of those who govern us. What is obscene and intolerable, are prisoners of jihad being slaughtered in front of cameras. What is obscene and intolerable, is the terrible fate of "Denis Allex," a soldier of the Action Service of the DGSE murdered by his captors in Somalia after three years of detention, as well as the body of the fighter of special forces killed while attempting to release him and we are shown, spread out a blanket in the middle of his weapons now (unfortunately) useless. What is obscene and intolerable is the cut hands, stoned or whipped women, girls kept out of school, men killed in the name of Sharia for a look, a handshake or music listened to in a hiding-place. What is obscene and intolerable are dozens of expatriates murdered by terrorists in In Amenas a week ago.


Thus, "the headscarf affair", it is "not news". It’s a non-incident. The photographer who took the picture also explained: the legionnaire did not pose, he didn’t want to “provoke” anyone. Simply, as a helicopter was landing, it raised a cloud of dust and sand; the soldier raised his scarf to protect himself. Admittedly, it may have been better if this warrior was wearing a Hermes scarf, but hey, he is legionnaires and legionnaires have a style of their own, a little more manly than the average, say. And their balance does not allow them to pay for Hermes scarves. So he bought a Call of Duty scarf for 9.90 Euros. Admittedly, certainly, there is undoubtedly a message: "By wearing this mask heralding death, this legionnaire, true to the reputation of his body, showed his determination to kill and his ability to withstand shocks," as written by one of my friends in a humorous paper on his outstanding blog[1].


A spokesman for the general Staff announced "an investigation" and sanctions. We hope it will not happen. The Legion is a magnificent weapon, whose members, regardless of the colour of their skin, their religion and national origin, are a thousand times more "French" that many who criticize will never be: they are French by the grace of a covenant as old as humanity, that the risk life and shed blood for the flag and for the country.


That the Legion is in Mali, the French army as a whole is in Mali, this is what should have been done long ago to defend the local population against the exactions of armed combat and eradicate - yes, I’m writing "eradicate" - terrorists. Our armies are the first line (and, it must be remembered, they are alone on this frontline ...) in a war that was imposed on us and which is necessary.


This is what is important. Not the colour of a scarf. In Mali, the Legion fought in the war. He does not participate in a fashion show on the left bank ...





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