Libya: we get the allies that we deserve. But still...



To get things straight: the ESISC has always supported and still supports the allied operation in Libya. Our two only regrets are that it came two late – it was in the 80s, after the Lockerbie case that such operation aiming at overthrowing colonel Gaddafi should have taken place. However, at this time because of the soviet block, the option could not be considered – and most of all, we regret that the current campaign is not victorious.


However, since the beginning, we have some doubts about the excessive agitation which gained possession of certain western political circles and about the chosen strategy. On the political level, since March 10, we were pointing out that unilateral recognition –without consultation with the allies of the national transitional authority in Benghazi- by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy was an “uncertain bet”. [1]


Moreover, several times, we called attention to the weakness of the strategy and mainly its incoherence. This incoherence lies in the contradictory approaches of the different actors involved: Paris, London, Washington and Arab allies. From such discrepancy one cannot expect victory: after more than one and half month of strike –more or less targeted – Gaddafi remains in power and there is not so much left to destroy in the country.


Our good allies from Benghazi have demonstrated that these men from the desert were far from being warriors. They are better of with words than with Kalashnikov. The problem is that the objective was to make war to defeat a tyrant…


Therefore, they have delegated this boring and dirty task to the international coalition. In the meantime, they are coming out to openly criticize the coalition when a missile misses its target causing unfortunate collateral damages. 


From now on, we know more on the adversaries of Colonel Gaddafi. A noteworthy book by our friend and colleague Laszlo Liszakaï[2] investigates the opponents of Gaddafi and reveals “details” that our leaders omitted to divulgate. We will give an insight in our “briefing” published today (“Libya: who are our new allies in reality?”). Laszlo Liszkaï presented a cold reality where “liberators” of Libya have always being accomplices with their oppressors. They have blood on their hands. Indeed, their victims were tortured (including the famous “Bulgarian nurses”…) and something executed in the name of the “Jamahiriya” and of their leader.


Certainly, the allies will manage to eliminate Gaddafi (it is indeed, what we wish for). However, they will put other murderers into power who are probably thinking of continuing the pillage of their country. Indeed, after having faithfully supported Gaddafi, they betrayed him to achieve their own aims. And we would have become their accomplices.


It is certainly the price to pay when one leave its policy in the hand of amateurs who get made-to-measure bullet-proof vest to visit Benghazi (the anecdote would have be hilarious if the situation was not so critical).


We have the allies that we deserve.




© ESISC 2011





[1] For further information, please refer to our Briefing of March 10, 2011 entitled “Libya: French recognition of the Libyan rebels in a gamble”.

[2] Kadhafi, du réel au surréalisme, Edition Encre d’Orient, Paris, 2011.


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