Our Mission

ESISC (European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center) was established in May 2002, in Brussels, the seat of European institutions, of NATO, and of numerous European multinational corporations.

Since its beginning, ESISC has specialized in the collection and analysis of all sources of intelligence (open and human) in the areas of security (terrorism, conflicts, piracy, organized crime, or social unrest), of geopolitics (stability of states, actual decision-making, foreign influences, conflicts), of the economy (markets, competition, legal security) and of due diligence.

On the basis of intelligence collected, ESISC produces customized reports, analysis, and daily, weekly, or monthly briefings responding exactly to the needs of each client in his or her sector of activity and the geographical zone in which he or she operates.

At the time when the reputation of a state, a person, or a business can be made and unmade on the web, ESISC has a team who specializes in monitoring social media and online media, the tracking of hostile individuals online, and the protection of an e-reputation.

In 2005, ESISC developed a lobbying branch able of carrying out complex lobbying operations at the level of European institutions, national authorities of several countries, and international organizations such as the UN.

ESISC also provides training in these different areas, both for the private sector and the public sector.

A team that is international, multidisciplinary (former military and intelligence officers, lawyers, sociologists, historians, economists, journalists, psychologists, etc.) and multilingual, with offices and employees in Europe, in the Arab world, in Africa, in North America, and in Asia allow us to rapidly and efficiently respond to all the needs of our clients.

ESISC can, for example, act as a « Red Team » to test procedures, policies or strategic choices, and build scenarios to anticipate any security, political, legal or commercial developments.
In these different areas, ESISC guarantees to its clients the most complete confidentiality: in ten years, none of our clients have ever been publicly identified.

In the public realm, ESISC acts as a think tank; numerous members of the team engage regularly with the media, participate in university research, and publish reference works and scientific articles.
For all requests for supplementary information or to submit to us a precise question or a particular case, please contact us (we only respond to messages left by clearly identified sources).






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