Our Team


Our team is multinational (with at least ten different nationalities represented), and is composed of highly skilled professionals in the areas of national intelligence and the army as well as university specialists in international affairs (lawyers, sociologists, historians, economists, journalists, and psychologists). Other than English and French, we work in more than 20 languages (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Serb-Croatian, Hungarian, Spanish and Italian).

All assignments entrusted to us are fulfilled by our team or by handpicked contractors with whom we have worked for years.

Claude Moniquet


Claude Moniquet was born in 1958. In his career, Mr Moniquet worked as a reporter in the French press as well as for the DGSE for more than twenty years. He is the author of several specialized books and he is often called as a guest speaker in conferences organized by international institutions. Mr Moniquet is ESISC’s CEO and co-founder along with CEO Genovefa Etienne. He is specialized in the conception and direction of operations of human intelligence, analysis of terrorism, security issues and geopolitics.


Genovefa Etienne


Genovefa Etienne is ESISC's co-founder along with Claude Moniquet. She worked as a journalist for twenty years and she is also the author of several books.

Research areas: gender studies and social tensions.



External Collaborators 


Lhoussain Azergui

Project Manager, Maghreb and Arab World

Lhoussain Azergui, born in Morocco in 1975.

Law degree, University of Meknes.

MAP journalist (2001-2006)

Areas of research: terrorist groups in North Africa, Middle East, Sahel and social movements, Telegram, Dark Web.


William Racimora

Project manager

William Racimora, born in Brussels in 1960.

Sociologist graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Research areas: urban violence, ethnicity and the Middle East.


Project managers

General (2S) Jean-Paul Husté


Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Renaud FRANCOIS


Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Estève


Dimitri Bickeris 


Legal Counsel




M. le Bâtonnier Pierre Legros


Me Stéphane Rodrigues


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