Our Services


ESISC acts as a consultant in the areas of security, intelligence, image protection, protection of the immaterial, and lobbying.  For ten years, we have fulfilled hundreds of assignments for large French, English and American business and others in sectors as varied as energy, finance, agro-business, construction, mining, and also transportation and navigation.  We also count several states and public services among our clients. (Read more)

World Terror Watch

World Terror Watch (WTW) is a paid subscription service providing alerts and analyses of the threats posed by international organized violence, whether linked to terrorism, organized crime, maritime piracy, social unrest or insurgencies.  The service provides several dozen alerts per day (24/7), a weekly analytical briefing, access to a secure database identifying tens of thousands acts of violence from the past ten years, and a Q&A  service, which provides answers to specific questions in 12 to 24 hours. (Read more)


In recent years, Brussels has become one of the centers of the world.  More than 80% of national legislatures of the member-states of the European Union have their origins here. Similarly, at the international level, the European Union (of which two members, Great Britain and France, are members of the U.N. Security Council) speak more and more with one voice.  The European Union is one of the principal contributors of international aid to countries that are poor or in crisis. (Read more)

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