Our latest analysis, briefings and opinion papers: everything you need to know about the state of the world to conduct business safely and to protect your employees, your investments and your image.


Our alerts address the security situation throughout the entire world. These only represent a small percentage of what we address every day in the World Terror Watch


Our briefings offer a short and up-to-date analysis of current hot issues and developments throughout the world.  They are regularly updated and offer a  global, but specific, approach to the issues.


At ESISC we are objective, but not neutral. We are clearly engaged in the defense of the values of progress and in the fight against extremism in all of its forms. Our opinions attest to this.


Certain situations and developments require a detailed examination and updates that go beyond the succinct nature of our briefings. Our reports and analysis are available to meet this need.



The employees of ESISC also publish. In this section, you will find our books, but also some of those written by our friends and colleagues which we consider useful to understanding the world.

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