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Berlin Attack: The failure of German security explained by the weight of history
The Berlin tragedy was (and no doubt will still be) an opportunity for the extreme-right and populists across Europe to attack the migrant welcoming policy promoted by Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is a wrong and bad judgement. Of course, the 2015 influx of “Syrian refugees” was exploited by IS, and maybe by other criminal or terrorist organizations, to plant terrorists or rejects in Europe. This was the case for those who attacked Paris on November 13, 2015, or Brussels on March 22, 2016. Others have since been arrested—in Salzburg, Paris, or elsewhere. But how many are we talking about? Approximately twenty have been identified (and are either dead or in prison); European intelligence agencies estimate that a couple dozens of jihadists were able to enter the continent between the summer and fall of 2015 by impersonating refugees.
150 morts qui pouvaient être évités : Andreas Lubitz, la Lufthansa et « le facteur humain »
Tous les professionnels de la sécurité qui ont été confrontés à des crises – attentat, crime, trahison, dysfonctionnement industriel grave – connaissent bien une vérité qui vient de se rappeler au souvenir de la Lufthansa et de sa filiale Germanwings : dans une majorité écrasante de cas, le problème, ce n’est ni la technique, ni la qualité des équipements ou leur maintenance, ni même les procédures mises en place pour gérer les situations « conformes » et les situations « non conformes ». Le problème, c’est le facteur humain...
150 victims that could have been avoided: Andreas Lubitz, Lufthansa and the "human factor"
All security professionals who have dealt with crises - attacks, crime, treasons, serious workplace disasters – are familiar with a truth that was recently recalled by Lufthansa and its subsidiary Germanwings: in the overwhelming majority of cases, the problem is neither due to a technical failure, nor the quality of equipment or service, nor the compliance, or not, to procedures already in place. The problem is the human factor...
German courage, italien cowardice
Terrorist events of recent days have highlighted a startling contrast: when faced with the same problem (...)
Courage allemand, lâcheté italienne
L’actualité du terrorisme nous offre, ces jours-ci, un contraste assez frappant : confrontées à la même problématique (...)
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