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For the EU the ISIS bell tolls
Distracted by the disruptive potential of the EU elections, EU member states leaders could seem blind and deaf to the alarming threat posed by the return of ISIS foreign fighters to the EU.
Do not play the Sorcerer's apprentice in Syria!
For almost a year, the increasingly extreme opposition between the Syrian regime and the Syrian National Council (SNC) (...)
Ne jouons pas les apprentis-sorciers en Syrie !
Depuis un an, la montée aux extrêmes qui oppose le régime syrien, d’une part et le Conseil National Syrien (CNS), d’autre part (...)
Behind Hamas and the Hezbollah lie the shadows of Syria and Iran
It would be wrong to view the war that is gradually taking a grip on the Near East as a simple « police operation » (...)
Derrière le Hamas et le Hezbollah, cherchez la Syrie et l'Iran
On aurait tort de ne voir dans la guerre qui semble peu à peu s’installer au Proche Orient qu’une simple ...)
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